Our Story

LIFT FIT is a South African-based international premium sportswear brand focusing on those serious about improving on their fitness, health and general well-being.

LIFT FIT™ Gym Wear was founded on the basis of pure grit, determination and a single objective: To be the number one most loved gymwear brand in the world!

We officially launched into the South African market in early 2020. Great timing we know!..but as challenging as our first year was, it was through shear perseverance and absolute belief in what we do that we somehow managed to see ourselves make it through to where we are today.

Functional Quality

Our CEO and co-founder, Jared McCormick, is a health and fitness enthusiast who identified a gap locally for exercise apparel that is functional, made from the best quality fabrics, and for the purpose that one feels confident within themselves no matter how intense their workout may be.

Jared started his career as a design architect focusing on the luxury homes market across the country, therefore being naturally drawn to the design and aesthetic appeal of sportswear when being meticulously involved with the design and manufacturing process of our apparel. The fit and comfort of each garment is always at his top priority.

Evolving Innovation

He always wanted to design a brand that is hard-wearing, durable, sexy as hell! and worn by athletes from all sporting disciplines across the globe. So he embarked on his dream of designing activewear in 2017 which today is LIFT FIT Gym Wear. 

LIFT FIT™ is a brand that provides high-end fashionable sports apparel that is hard wearing, durable and worn by all athletes in and out of the gym.

At LIFT FIT, We continue to focus on the ever evolving technologies and innovations in the textile and sporting industries whilst making sure that quality and style are at the very forefront of our business.